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Recently, a reform of the Italian university system has been introduced.

The new qualifications awarded by the universities have been divided into 42 classes, referring to general subject areas within which may be organized one or more degree courses. These classes have been decided by the National Education Minister and are commom to all higher education institutions. Within these classes each institution can establish a range of different curricula, depending on a specific programme and a defined degree level.

Possible degrees can be classified as follows:

a three year degree (Laurea) or first level degree that grants a good overall education, but also specific professional competence;

a five year degree (Laurea specialistica) or second level degree, which requires two additional years of study after the three year degree and grants an advanced and qualified professional training in specific fields, with exception of those degrees relating to Health Sciences which are from the start conceived as complete five-year degrees.

To get these qualifications students have to accumulate a certain number of academic credits ( 180 for Laurea, 300 for Laurea specialistica).

An academic credit corresponds to 25 hours of work. Presuming that a students works 1500 hours per year, he/she can accumulate at least 60 credits ( and even more if he/she works more than 1500 hours) per year.

Our credits are based on the ECTS rules