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The university of Camerino is located in several centers.
The main university town is Camerino, which hosts the faculties of Law, Sciences and Technology and Pharmacy.
The university town of Matelica (20 km from Camerino) houses the faculty of Veterinary Medicine while the faculty of Architecture is located in Ascoli Piceno, appproximately 100 Km from Camerino and near the Adriatic coast.
The University is also developing separate teaching centres in various communities in the Marche region.
For example, the faculty of Sciences has organized degree courses with video conferencing between Camerino and Ascoli Piceno and other degree courses in the costal town of San Benedetto del Tronto.
UNICAM is also composed of several departments which promote, coordinate and develop their activities in the research field:
-  Department of molecolar, cellular and animal biology
-  Department of botany and ecology
-  Department of substantial and trial law
-  Department of mathematics
-  Department of physics
-  Department of environmental planning
-  Department of chemical sciences
-  Department of earth sciences
-  Department of hygienic, environmental and sanitary sciences
-  Department of pharmacological sciences and experimental medicine
-  Department of law and politics
-  Department of morphologic and biochemical comparative sciences
-  Department of veterinary sciences.

Information on individual departments can be found at

Research is carried out, often in collaboration with other universities, in departments which possess all the facilities required by modern scientific centres: large well-stocked libraries and state-of-art scientific laboratories and apparatus (electron microscopes, mass spectrometers, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, etc..)
Some centres have been recently built, whereas others are housed in buildings which have been completly renovated. Most departments are situated in the centre of Camerino, leading to extensive interaction between the university and the life of the city.

Teaching System
The Italian University system is mainly based on direct teaching through lectures.
Many of the subjects also include practical session, tutorials, seminars, laboratory work, training periods etc..
Although there has recently been a notable increase in the number of students, the teacher-student ratio in our university is excellent. This makes it easy to attend lectures and meet the staff and enables students to use the university’s research facilities during practicals and for the preparation of their graduation theses.