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As far as Health Sciences degrees are concerned, our university offers two five-year degree courses in:

class 14/S: Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy

Veterinary Medicine
class 47/S: Veterinary Medicine
class 79/S: Agronomic and Livestock Sciences and Technology

N.B.: To get these qualifications students have to accumulate 300 credits.

After completing a first level degree it is possible to pursue a further 2 years of study in order to get a Laurea specialistica. These specialized degrees refer to 104 classes, in which they can be gathered in order to achieve common educational aims and are in the following fields:

class 4/S: Architecture and Architectural Engineering

class 22/S: Law
class 99/S: European Studies

Sciences and Technology

class 6/S: Biology
class 8/S: Industrial Biotechnology
class 12/S: Preservation and restoration of historical and artistic heritage
class 20/S: Physics
class 23/S: Informatics
class 45/S: Mathematics
class 82/S: Environmental Sciences
class 62/S: Chemistry
class 86/S: Geological risks and resources

UNICAM also gives students the opportunity to pursue an additional qualification developing postgraduate studies in the following fields :

First-Level Masters (60 credits)

- Advanced Industrial designer
- Bioetics
- Law, economics and informatics technology
- Quality assurance and management in health
- Legal person and open market
- Pharmaceutical department management
- Planning for environmental reclamation and restoration of polluted sites
- Physio-Pharmacology improvements in sport and fitness
- Representation and digital communication in Architecture
- Clinical research
- Architectonic retraining in highly urbanized areas
- Informatics applied to biomedical analysis

Second-Level Masters or Schools of specialization
- Clinical Biochemistry for analitic-technological fields
- Civil Law
- Hospital Pharmacy
- Law jobs practice
(seats: Camerino and Macerata)