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By air
The regionís own airport is Ancona-Falconara

It takes about two hours to get to Camerino by train and one hour by car, but itís easy to get to our region also from Bologna airport (about 220 Km from Ancona) and from Rome airport (about 230 Km from Camerino).

There is a direct railway service or bus shuttle from these airports to the main railway stations:

1st route: Ancona-Camerino
- From Ancona- Falconara Airport to Ancona railway station.
Ancona-Falconara Airport offers a direct railway service between Castelferretti station (in front of the Airport terminal) and Ancona station.
A regular bus service, provided by the Conero bus line connects the airport with Ancona.
Tickets are available from the Newsagency in the Airport terminal building.
- From Ancona Station it is possible to reach by train Castelraimondo-Camerino Station, via Fabriano.
- From Fabriano there is a connecting train to Castelraimondo-Camerino, then a shuttle bus from Castelraimondo to Camerino (10 km). 

2nd route: Roma-Camerino
From Fiumicino Airport to RomaTermini Railway Station.
Non stop trains Leonardo Express depart from Fiumicino Airport station every 30 minutes.
For more information about Leonardo Express:
Then from Roma Termini Railway Station to Fabriano change at Fabriano Station, then catch a connection to Casteraimondo-Camerino Station.

By coach
The easiest way to get from Rome to Camerino is by bus.
There is a daily bus service provided by CONTRAM
phone 0737 63401 - 0737 632402
It takes about four hours and it leaves near Termini Station.
The nearest bus stop is on the corner between via Palestro and via S. Martino della battaglia while the coach terminal is Piazzale Tiburtino.



Camerino 06:00 10:20 Roma
Piazzale Tiburtino
Camerino 14:30 18:50 Roma
Piazzale Tiburtino

Available only Sat. & Sun. during July

Piazzale Tiburtino
14:40 19:00 Camerino
Piazzale Tiburtino
20:30 00:36 Camerino
Available only Sat. & Sun. during July

By rail
The Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), the Italian State Railways has two main lines in the Marche Region - the coastal Milan-Bari line that links up most of the seaside resorts and the trans -Italy Ancona-Rome line that joins up a few of the larger towns in the central part of the region.
For specific information regarding train times and destinations, please consult the Italian Railway Serviceís official timetable

By car
Refer to the attached map