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The town of Camerino counts little more than 7000 inhabitants and a student population of approximately 10,000.
The halls of residence offer more than 570 rooms, some of which are reserved to foreign students.
A shuttle service connects all the structures and is available for students.
Students requiring accommodation at the halls of residence in Camerino should fill in the form and contact the International Relations office by the 15th July, in order to get a reservation.
The Regional agency for the right to education (E.R.S.U.) manages the lodging.
The cost of a room at the halls of residence is, in average, € 100 per month.
Electricity and heating expenses are all included.
Students are required to pay the rent by the 10th of each month, otherwise an amount of about € 25,82 must be paid, as additional charge.
If the student leaves the room after the beginning of the month he/she will have to pay the entire rent.
Rooms are provided with blankets and bed linen.
Available apartments to be shared are equipped with cooker, fridge and cooking utensils.
Students accommodated at the halls of residence may be required to present a valid health certificate, issued by their National Health Authority, declaring no evidence of serious infectious diseases, such as TBC.
In case student’s certificate is not considered a valid one, the ASL (Local Health Board) provides health services for foreign students, testing them and issuing substitutive health certificates.
In case rooms in the halls of residence are not available, the International Relations Office will help students to rent a private room or an apartment, providing them with a list of private contacts and getting in touch with landlords.

The new Campus
In the spring 2002 the university completed the first part of new residential complex with 95 single rooms currently available and another 200 rooms to be completed in the near future.